How To Make Hot Pink Paint?

The hot pink shade has been quite popular and trendy in recent times. Regardless of gender, people select this shade for its subtle yet emphasizing quality when it comes to clothing, baked goods, or home decoration.

It is common for someone learning color mixing techniques to question how to make hot pink paint. Red is the primary foundation color to create a vivid hot pink shade. White dilutes red, making it less vibrant. Blue or Violet pigments are also used to create various hues of hot pink paint.

You may read this article through to the conclusion to get a more detailed understanding of creating hot pink paint from various colored ingredients.

What Is Hot Pink Color?

Hot pink is a made-up name for a color that is neither pink nor red. It is a shade of pink between light and dark hue. Although hot pink is frequently used to describe the colors fuchsia and magenta, the two tones are very different from one another.

What Is Hot Pink Color

Magenta, a tint of purple characterized as a reddish-purple shade, is different from hot pink. The base color from where the hot pink originates is red. In contrast, dark purple is the base color for magenta.

Again, hot pink and fuchsia are both combinations of purple and red. However, fuchsia is a brighter shade of pink than hot pink. Hot pink is less vibrant than both fuchsia and red.

Uses of Hot pink Color

The use of color depends on color psychology. Each shaded color has its form of expression in terms of emotion. Pink is a happy color that stands for kindness and love. It also represents hope and brings on reassuring sentiments.

Although, people think that pink and its different shades mostly express femininity. It is a matter of fact that, in earlier days, boys mostly used pink in their clothing. Some trendy uses of hot pink paint are stated below.

Fashion and Attire

Nowadays, young girls and women are more into getting hot pink garments and clothing. Its dynamic and vivid hue makes it look aesthetic between other shades of color.

Home Decoration

People love using bright and eye-catching color shades for home renovation or decoration. Especially for kids’ rooms and bedrooms, the hot pink color is getting more popular.

Baking Items

The color hot pink is very famous among the bakers of the current generation. They prepare the hot pink color creams, fondants, etc., to give the cake or cupcake a vibrant and delicious look. Moreover, it resembles the taste of a strawberry.

For Toys and Plastic Products

From a distance, the hot pink color has a distinctive and stunning tone. It is quite good at capturing the attention of young children and infants. For this reason, industries use hot pink to make toys.

Arts and Crafts

You cannot miss arts and crafts if we are talking about color. Hot pink is often used to draw and paints on color books, canvas, etc. For that, you need to prepare the shade of hot ink using acrylic or watercolors.

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What Colors Go With Hot Pink?

Hot pink has a very friendly tone. This means it can be a solo and distinctive color for painting an object. And along with that, it can also synchronize with many other different colors in combination.

What Colors Go With Hot Pink

But to maintain the aesthetics of the target object, you should choose some specific colors that go with hot pink. Black pairs amazingly with hot pink. The black background highlights the details of the subject painted in hot pink.

Hot pink is also well received when mixed with paler shades. Hot pinks and white give the object a smooth and subtle appearance. These may be used as a backdrop or painted next to hot pink.

How To Make Hot Pink Paint?

For different sets of activities, different methods are used to make hot pink shade. Making a hot paint color depends upon many factors. The coloring agents and ingredients are the main things to be kept in focus while making a hot pink tone.

How To Make Hot Pink Paint

Method 1: Make Hot Pink Paint With Paint

In commercial paints, pigments are used as the primary coloring agent. Besides, binders and other additives are also present in paints. To make hot pink, you would need three different types of paints. These are bright red, blood red, white, and purple.

Since red is the base color, you need to add white to the red with constant swirling. It is a sensitive step as white only changes the red tone to pink but also alters the brightness of the color.

When the desired brightness shade is achieved, you can add a pinch of purple to the mixture. Always maintain constant swirling to get a perfect mixture of the paint. It will become darker if you add too much purple, so start with a tiny quantity and keep going until you have the hue you want.

Method 2: Make Hot Pink With Two Colors

You can make hot pink with two colors as well. For that, you would need a darker shade of red than blood red. White is the second color. For this process, you need to do a thorough mixing at all times.

Simply add white to the red color to get the hot pink shade. If the shade becomes too pale accidentally, you can add a sufficient amount of red to make it correct.

Method 3: Hot Pink Color Paint With Acrylic

Acrylic paints are thicker than normal paints. It has a higher concentration of pigments, binders, and plasticizers. That is why making hot pink shade from acrylic paints is comparatively tougher.

Four different shades of colors are required for this purpose. They are red, white, and silver. You need to select the permanent Alizarin Crimson shade for the red color as it is more vivid.

Making hot pink with acrylic color starts with the white color. Take a dab of white color on the palette tray. Add a small amount of silver to the white and mix properly using a mixing.

After that, squeeze the amount of red color on a different side of the palette away from the white and silver mixture. Using a different brush, take small portions from the mixture to red and blend well. You need to follow this process until you get the desired tone of hot pink.

Method 5: Make Hot Pink With Watercolor

Watercolors come in dry and tube forms. You need a clean brush and a container of water at first. Squeeze out some amount of red and white color to a mixing palette. Dip the brush in the water container and switch the color component into liquid by adding drops of water from the brush.

Now mix the red and white using the brush thoroughly. You will get the basic shade of pink by now. However, the hue will have a deep tint if you use a deep shade of red. Use a little extra white to make the color lighter. On the contrary, add a little red if the hue is too pale.

Method 6: Make Hot Pink Paint Without Silver

Silver is not a necessary color to create the hot pink hue. It is applied to give the color a little strong and dull tone. To create the hot pink color, you may only use the colors white, red, blue, or purple.

When adding blue or purple to the mixture, use caution since too much of those might cause the color to become magenta.


The following questionnaires can help you get more information about the hot pink tone as these are the most frequently asked ones from the users.

Is Hot Pink The Same As Fuchsia?

Hot pink and Fuchsia are not the same. Although the parent colors for these shades are the same, the difference lies within the brightness. Fuchsia has a more vibrant and bright tone than hot pink. Fuchsia is very highlighting, which is not the nature of hot pink.

Is Hot Pink The Same As Neon Pink?

Neon pink is a bright tone of pink, whereas hot pink is a color that is somewhere in the middle of light and dark pink. Neon pink is often more intense and bright than hot pink as well.

Can You Make Hot Pink With Primary Colors?

It is not easy to make the exact shade of hot pink using just the primary colors. White is an important element for making hot pink, absent in the primary colors. Since the primary colors are red, blue, and green, you need to perform a lot of trial and error mixing the red and blue to get a shade somewhat like hot pink.


Using hot pink is inevitable if you are a painter, artist, or fashion designer. There are many color agents, each of which has a different level of consistency and thickness.

Moreover, it is also used in the digital world, especially in graphics design and illustration. That is why you must understand the concept of color mixing theory and how to make hot pink paint when needed.

We hope going through this article has been informative and became useful to you. You can follow the above-stated color mixing guide to get your desired tone of hot pink.

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