How To Paint Cinder Block Wall To Look Like Stone?

Cinder blocks were once very popular, but in this modern time, they are no longer trendy. However, cinder blocks can be painted to mimic stone to give this unappealing stone an attractive appearance. So the question is: how to paint cinder block wall to look like stone?

The secret to making cinder block appear like stone is to pick many paint samples and then sloppily blend those together to give it the organic flow you’d see in stone. All you have to do is combine a few various painting styles.

If you are also looking for ways to make your boring old cinder wall look more aesthetic and bring a stone-like feel, we are here for you with a complete tutorial. Keep on reading to know more.

What Types of Paint Can Be Used In Cinder Block Walls To Look Like Stone?

While painting cinder walls, choosing the correct type of paint is the most crucial step. If you do not use the correct type of paint, then the colors in the wall will come off after a few days, and the end result won’t be a very good one. So, what is the correct paint type for cinder walls?

What Types of Paint Can Be Used In Cinder Block Walls To Look Like Stone

For these types of walls to withstand use and abuse, robust paint is necessary. Both for flat and divided cinder blocks, you will need to select premium quality latex acrylic paint.

Acrylic latex paints are known for their durability and heavy coat, which is perfect for painting cinder walls. Improved adhesive, elasticity, permeability, absorbency, transparency, and color persistence are just a few of the benefits of acrylic latex paints.

This indicates that they can maintain their original color and luster for many years when used outside. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry too much about them peeling off when you wash them with water.

However, the easiest way to make them really waterproof is to apply a sealer.

How Should a Cinder Block Wall Be Prepared for Painting?

To make any cinder wall look completely like a stone wall, you will first need to prepare the wall properly. Down below, we will discuss how you can prepare the wall for perfect results.

You will need to clean your wall first. The wall may acquire dirt after being open for some time, giving it an ugly appearance. They leave behind efflorescence, a sort of white powdery residue.

The cinder block wall can be cleaned effectively with a power washer that swishes about the dirt and debris. A damp wall is a haven for unwelcome plants. Therefore, you should also try to remove moisture from walls.

To thoroughly clean each individual brick component, use the brick washer. Your wall surface might grow a moss colony if moisture is not removed. However, make sure to avoid soap washers to clean the wall as this might harm your wall. Simple water is more than enough for cleaning.

Required Things For To Paint Cinder Block Wall Look Like Stone

Before rushing out to start painting, you will need to gather a few things at hand. It won’t be a good guide to stop work in the middle and look for necessary things for the project. So, follow the list below and gather everything first.

  1. Latex Paint of 4 colors (gray, brown, tan, and cream or even pink. Make sure to get colors that mimic stone.)
  2. Primer
  3. Paintbrush – 3 inch
  4. Shoeboxes
  5. Pressure washer
  6. Painter’s tape

How To Paint Cinder Block Wall To Look Like Stone?

Making a block wall look like a stone is a pretty easy task, and you will need a few things at hand. Down below, our step-by-step guide will give you complete direction on how to do it.

How To Paint Cinder Block Wall To Look Like Stone

Step 1: Priming the surface

Painting areas made of cinder blocks requires a primer. It facilitates bonding and lowers the number of coats required for your topcoat. To get the wall ready for painting, prime it with paint. The best option is an acrylic primer due to its strength and dries quickly.

In order to prevent the paint from being soaked, the primer will cover the surface’s numerous holes and fissures. Put the primer in the same manner as you would paint. Additionally, any acidity of the wall will also be neutralized due to the primer.

While dealing with the wall’s borders, alternate between employing a roller and a brush. Prior to advancing to the following block, paint all the blocks individually.

Before moving on, give the primer at least six to eight hours to dry. Some primers, meanwhile, could require additional time to dry fully.

Step 2: Taping Lines

Making structured finishes is one of the most crucial steps in transforming your regular cinder wall to mimic like stone. For this, take some painter’s tape and place them in the area where two stones meet.

You will need to make artificial lines with your tape. It is best to block the areas between two cinder blocks. Put tape well, so no paint can enter this zone.

Step 3: Preparing the Paint

The shoeboxes will now come in handy. You will use the shoebox-wrapped plastic as a paint tray. Put 4 different shades of paint in 4 corners. You will want your wall to look like it is made from original stones, so mixing paints will give that natural look we are looking for.

Step 4: Making Shades

Here, the trick is to paint each cinder block with a unique combination of the four colors you purchased. Since we have four colors available, you may combine 2/3 of them in different ways to make a variety of combinations for a more stone-like appearance.

For example, you can mix brown and pink on one side. You can again mix gray and cream and create another shade. You are free to listen to your mind and create as many shades as you want using the paints you have in hand, as natural stones never come in a single color.

Your wall will appear more stone-like, thanks to the spirals created when you plunge your paintbrush into the color.

Step 5: Painting Cinder Blocks

This is the final step of changing a wall’s appearance into a stone wall. Using the various hues you created in the previous step, paint the blocks in a random pattern. Try painting the cinder blocks after dipping the brush in a few shades.

You’ll need to continue to paint in such a manner that every brick has a unique color combination from the one before it. Due to the common presence of grouting on stone walls, resist coloring it.

There is no need to be concerned if paint accidentally gets on the grout, as we have previously covered such places with tape. Keep painting until you have finished painting all the blocks in different shades.

You also can follow a 1 2 1 pattern, in which the initial block will have one shade, the next will be skipped, and the last block will have the same shade.

Step 6: Finishing Off

When you have finished painting the whole wall, remove all the tape that we have put previously. Now just wait for the wall to dry completely, do not rush here and start to use a heat blower or anything else to dry the wall. Let the wall dry naturally.

Things To Consider When Painting Cinder Block Wall To Look Like Stone

There are a few things we need to take into account to get the best results when painting cinder walls to seem like a stone. Read below to know more.

Things To Consider When Painting Cinder Block Wall To Look Like Stone

Use Sealant

Even though acrylic latex paint is washable, it is still not fully waterproof. So, to make sure that the color on the wall stays for long and doesn’t get washed by water or rain, you should consider adding concrete sealant on your wall once your paint has been completely dried.

Always Tape Grout Area

During painting, you can make the mistake of putting paint between two blocks, and as a result, your stone wall will look fake. So, to avoid this, never forget to add some tape in this area which will look like grout when you finish painting the whole cinder block wall.

Use Multiple Colors

Try to buy at least 4 types of colors and mix and match them to make 7-8 different color shades if you want a realistic finish. Real stone walls are never in just one color. So it is important to use different colors.

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Extra Tips For Making Your Cinder Block Wall More Realistic

The block wall may be made to feel like stone by simply painting it to seem like a stone. But, if you want the details to ooze out more, you can try a few different techniques, which we will discuss below.

Creating a More detailed finish

To make your newly painted stone wall more natural, you can add some extra texture to them. For this, you will need a sponge; place the sponge against your wall after dabbing some paint into the stone. This will give your wall a more natural and dynamic appearance.

Grainy Finish

If you want a grainy finish on your wall, then you will need an old rag. Just make the rag into a ball-like shape and dip it in different colors and press it against the wall for a few minutes. Keep doing this on your whole wall using different shades of color, and you will end up with a grainy finish.


Cinder walls are quite old-fashioned if we consider modern designs. However, they are still in demand due to their low price. But, not to worry as you can make these cinder block walls modern looking by painting them to appear like stone which we have discussed so far in our guide today.

Painting these walls doesn’t require any extra skills; all you need to do is be creative and never be afraid to try new colors. If you follow our guide well, we believe you should have no trouble painting these walls.

Always make sure to get the premium grade of acrylic latex paint if you want the best results. Along with that, use new paint brushes for this project, so your old paint doesn’t get mixed with the new ones and make a mess.

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