Is a Paint Sprayer Worth It? Explaned in Details!

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There are different equipment you can use to paint, such as painting rollers, painting brushes, and paint sprayers, of which the sprayers are more expensive. The question now is, is a painting sprayer worth it amongst the list of painting equipment?

Although paint sprayers are more expensive, they are better than painting rollers and brushes. Painting sprayers work faster; they make the painter’s job easier. So, a painting sprayer is worth it.

To have more comprehensive knowledge about painting sprayers and why they are worth it, continue reading this article. We have also included the different painting sprayers available and their capacity.

What Are the Different Types of Paint Sprayers Are out There?

There are different types of paint sprayers, and every one of them has a different using method. Also, each one has different functionality than others. So, the type of paint sprayer you need for a particular painting job depends on the capacity of the paint sprayer. Their capacities are mostly in their specifications.

For instance, you can use some stage of an HVLP turbine paint sprayer to paint your car for a good reason. There are other paint sprayers you cannot use for certain painting jobs. Hence, different paint sprayers, different operations, and distinct advantages and disadvantages. The 4 different types of paint sprayers are:

1. Compressed Air Paint Sprayers

A compressed air paint sprayer is easy to use. They come with a spray gun, a high-pressure hose, and a container for the paint. The paint leaves the container through the tip of the spray gun with the help of the regulator through the hose. Plus, the regulator defines the measure of airflow in cubic ft. per minute that drives out the paint from the container to the spray gun concentration.

Compressed Air Paint Sprayers

Furthermore, the compressed air paint sprayer also comes with a compressor canister. However, the importance of wearing a respiratory mask, eye protection like goggles, and coverall cannot be over-emphasized. This is because the paint bounces off the surface you spray it on because of the air pressure. Also, you don’t want to inhale it or get it into your eyes on your skin as they can be toxic to health.

We advise you to use this paint sprayer on a cardboard or a free wall. This is for you to test and adjust the pressure to a desirable level before you paint your furniture or whatever you have to paint. People mostly use the compressed air sprayer in art painting because it does not only give a perfect delivery over other paintings, but also they are relatively cheap.

  • Compressor air prayers are cheap.
  • They are perfect for painting furniture and small size items
  • It is easy to use
  • They require much paint
  • You cannot use them without an air compressor
  • Compressed air sprayers are less powerful
  • They get clogged easily
  • They don’t work as fast as other paint sprayers

2. Airless Paint Sprayer

People also know the airless paint sprayers as electric paint sprayers. As the name implies, this paint sprayer doesn’t use an air compressor to spray paint but electric pumps. The electrics pump it has, propels the paint out through the spraying gun to give a neat and even paint surface.

Airless Paint Sprayer

An airless paint sprayer is easy to prepare for painting, and it does a painting job really fast. You can cover large grounds in a short time, and it, however, requires you to speed up the pressure or slow it down. This depends on what you are painting. Also, to use this paint sprayer, you need to be a fast worker, else you will get a uniform finish and use more paint.

When using this paint sprayer, be careful not to touch the tip because it can cause harm and inject toxic substances into you. It is also safe to cover your eyes and nose when you are using this paint prayer to avoid getting the paint into your respiratory system.

  • An airless paint sprayer is fast and efficient for voluminous work
  • Its finishing touch has a luxurious and professional look.
  • With an airless paint sprayer, you can use the paint from the paint tin
  • You can use varnish paint, lacquer, wood stain, and other viscous paints.
  • An airless paint sprayer doesn’t do well for outdoor painting
  • It is not suitable for slow painters
  • It doesn’t work fine for small size items
  • Most times, paint from the nozzle doesn’t go to the desired spots. The air diverts about 30 to 40% of the paint in such times, hence incurring wastage.

3. HVLP Paint Sprayer

A High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer uses a stable airflow volume to spray out the paint to the surface. It is a portable paint sprayer, and you can use it to paint virtually anything on the right stage. The HVLP paint sprayer makes the painting job easier. It comes in different types, and they are rated in turbine stages.

HVLP Paint Sprayer

The one with a stage 3 turbine does the least work, next to the stage 4 turbine, and then the stage 5 turbine. For car paint, you need the stage 5 turbine HVLP paint sprayer to get a good delivery. Then, for lesser painting jobs, you can use stage 4 or 3 turbines.

HVLP paint sprayers are easy to use, and it reduces paint wastage. You might need to cover up your respiratory organs and eyes to protect yourself from the toxicity of the paint.

  • HVLP paint sprayers allow you a wide range of painting varieties. You can paint almost anything with the right HVLP paint sprayer.
  • It is moveable.
  • It is easy and safer to use.
  • There is a low probability of paint wasting
  • Painting with an HVLP paint sprayer is slow
  • It has a short hose, which means you have to move it around while you are painting, which is stressful.

4. LVLP Paint Sprayers

The Low-Volume, Low-Pressure (LVLP) paint sprayer requires about 10psi to work. They use air compressors but a smaller and less expensive than the one a compressed air paint sprayer needs. This paint sprayer is small, and it is designed for the users to take them around while painting. It is better at painting interior walls and fences.

LVLP Paint Sprayers

  • It can take big jobs.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Carrying the paint sprayer can get tiring.
  • The paint sprayer only works with light paints.

Is a Paint Sprayer Worth It?

A paint sprayer is worth it. Although it is not exactly cheap, you can get a good quality paint sprayer for under $200. However expensive they are, they have some firm qualities over rollers and brushes, and they are:

Is a Paint Sprayer Worth It - which Paint Sprayer to buy

Fast Delivery

Paint sprayers are fast in all ways. You can complete a bulky painting job faster with paint sprayers. Also, the paint dries faster on the surface you sprayed it on.

Smooth and Even Delivery

When you use a paint sprayer, you mostly don’t need a double coating to make the painting even. All painted areas get smooth and even as the painting goes on. This makes the job easy for the painter.

Easy to Use

People might go for training to learn how to use rollers or brushes. But they can use a paint sprayer with no form of training. You only need to put in paint and spray it on the item till it is nice enough for you.


Paint sprayers are expensive, but they are worth it. They make the job easier and faster with a better outcome. A paint sprayer eases the stress on the painter, especially for painting a ceiling. However, some paint sprayers get overly stressed because they have to carry them around. Paint sprayers are not as light as they look. So, in a nutshell, if you ask, “is a paint sprayer worth it?” The direct answer is yes; they are worth it.

Being a professional painter, James never limits himself to his job only. He wants to utilize his decade of painting experience by helping people who don’t have much knowledge about painting. That is why he created this site Paintersprayer, where he will share all of his experiences about painting with a broader audience. In Paintersprayer, James will share his knowledge and skill and help people select the best paint spraying and other painting tools.

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