Paint Zoom Pros and Cons – Explained In Details

Paint sprayers are becoming increasingly popular daily due to their wide array of usages and simplicity. They are popular in commercial industries as well as for home DIYers. So, is paint zoom good enough?

The Internet is full of biased reviews, and it is hard to find a real product review. So, to help you out of this trouble, we have decided to break down all Paint Zoom pros and cons. We will also discuss how you can use this ideally.

Thus, if you are confused about whether or not to buy a Paint Zoom sprayer and how to use them, we got you covered. Read below to know more.

What Is A Paint Zoom?

To briefly say, Paint Zoom is a paint sprayer. However, it is not as simple as regular paint sprayers. It is a useful device to spray light paint droplets through a sprayer.

The Paint Zoom is an HVLP paint sprayer, which implies that it utilizes a lot of air at a reduced pressure to vaporize the paint rather than a bit of air at high pressure.

What Is A Paint Zoom

Compared to a paintbrush or rollers, it can perform a paint job more quickly and effectively on rough areas. Also, HVLP sprayers often consume reduced paint and create fewer overspray than high-pressure sprays.

Paint Zoom Pros and Cons

As with all products, it comes with some pros and cons, and down below, we will discuss all the pros and cons of Paint Zoom.

Paint Zoom Pros and Cons



One of the most significant advantages of the Paint Zoom sprayer is that it is lightweight. It weighs only around 3 pounds which is much lighter than other sprayers. So, you can easily carry them around wherever you want to.

Even Distribution of Paint

The regular paint sprayer has a common problem of irregular flow of paint which can result in messy finishes. But, Paint Zoom sprayers can save you from this trouble by a far end. They come with an airbrush motor which helps in the even distribution of the paint.

Comes with Instructions Manual

Using a paint sprayer for the first time can be confusing. But, with Paint Zoom, you can minimize this trouble. It comes with a set of the proper instructions manual, which is really easy to follow. Thus, even for first-timers using this is as easy as cutting a slice of cake.

3-way Designed Nozzle

It has a distinctive strengthened 3-way spray nozzle tip that gives you complete control and increases your efficiency. The nozzle’s changeable capability may alter the setting according to the painting job.

There are three choices you may choose: spot-jet, horizontal, and vertical.

All in one Design

One of the standing features of the Paint Zoom sprayer is its all-rounding capabilities. We can often see that other sprayers still require you to use a paintbrush or roller for painting in some extra corners.

But due to the unique design shape of the nozzle of Paint Zoom Sprayer, you won’t need any additional tools while painting with it.



The number one disadvantage of using a Paint Zoom sprayer is that it is pretty noisy. It is fine if you are okay with your paint sprayer making a sound. However, if not, then this sound can be quite irritating for you to work with.

Cheap Build Quality

This sprayer is of poor quality, and the entire building material seems of very low quality. This could impact the sprayer’s lifespan and toughness.

Additionally, the paint zoom sprayer may overheat rather quickly due to the poor construction quality, and the nozzle also comes off frequently.

How Do You Set up Paint Zoom Sprayer?

Below, we will give you a step-by-step guide on setting up a Paint Zoom Sprayer.

Step 1: Making Paint

The first step is to thin and prepare the paint properly that you will use inside the sprayer. When applying, you must always examine the paint’s thickness to see whether thinning is necessary.

In order for the color to properly atomize and spray uniformly, the viscosity shouldn’t be too high or low.

Properly mix a thinning agent to your paint and give it the correct consistency to be used with the sprayer.

Step 2: Filling up the container.

After you have properly thinned and strained the paint, it’s time to transfer the paint inside the container. Open your spray gun and fill the container under it with the paint.

Do not overfill the container; keep the paint till the thread level. After you have filled the container with paint again, screw back the gun body.

Step 3: Connecting Air Hose

We will now connect the air hose with the gun sprayer and our Paint Zoom machine. Firmly affix the air tubing tip to the machine’s front. In a similar manner, carefully put the opposite side of the air hose into the connection on the gun side.

Make sure that the air hose is tight enough on both sides and doesn’t come off during painting.

Step 4: Finishing off

You are nearly done setting up the Paint Zoom Sprayer. All you need to know is to set up the volume, which you can do using a regulator at the back side of the gun.

Spray the paint in a small area first and check that everything is alright. Align the nozzle according to your required position, and now you are ready to paint.

How Do You Clean The Paint Zoom?

Cleaning the paint zoom sprayer is an easy task. But you must know how to do it properly to avoid causing damage to your paint sprayer. Hence, below, we will give you a complete guide on cleaning the Paint Zoom sprayer.

Step 1: Open your Sprayer

The first step is to open up your whole paint sprayer and keep all the parts properly. Make sure not to lose any part and open every part that is removable.

Step 2: Take Some Hot Water

Now you will need to take a bucket and fill it with hot water and some dish soap. Put all the parts of the sprayer inside this bucket. Make sure they are entirely submerged inside the water and soap mixture. Leave them inside for at least 10 minutes.

Step 3: Clean Everything

After leaving all the parts in the bucket for 10 minutes, clean them properly. Use a soft bristle plastic brush and clean every part properly.

While cleaning, you need to ensure that you remove all the paint from the sprayer. As if any paint residue remains, it will cause other paints to mix up with it and damage your color.

Step 4: Rinse Thoroughly

After you have properly cleaned all the parts, you will need to rinse them properly in fresh water in such a way that no soap or dirt remains on them.

Once appropriately rinsed, take a clean cloth and dry everything properly. Once dried out, put all the parts of the sprayer back together, and you now have a cleaned Paint Zoom Sprayer.


Paint Zoom sprayers are one of the best HVLP sprayers out there. They are much more efficient than their competitors. However, as with everything, they also come with both good and bad sides. Hence, our guide today covered all the essential pros and cons of this sprayer.

Even though there are a few cons of this product, none of these cons should be a complete dealbreaker, especially considering the benefits. So, without any doubt Paint Zoom sprayer is an excellent tool for painting in whatever area you want to.

While painting with this sprayer, make sure to follow the instructions manual to get the best results.

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